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After Spa Makeup Remover Towel Review

Hello ladies,

You saw this makeup remover towel in my Unboxing post of the September GoodieBox, here. After I did the article, I put it in a drawer and completely forgot about it. Because to tell you the truth, the first impression of the towel was that it looks like a washcloth, a soft, pink not so special washcloth.

Last week, while decluttering my desk, I stumbled upon it again, and this time I decided to give it a fair chance.

It alleges that removes ALL types of makeup with just warm water. Yes, you read right!

All you have to do is, simply wet your face with warm water and buff the cloth over your skin and eyes to remove even waterproof formulas, repeating as necessary.

Ideal for all skin types, leaves your skin fresh and smooth, you save on cleansing wipes and it is totally reusable.

To verify their claim about saving on cleaning wipes, I did a little experiment. For a whole week I saved my used makeup remover pads, and let me tell you that they are a lot, 46 to be precise. That means you go through a package of 80 pieces, in two weeks, which adds up to close to 2000 makeup remover pads per year.

Since you do not need makeup removers or cleansers, it is more environment friendly, because you don’t have empty bottles anymore. But I have some concerned about the use of water that is required to clean it, because you have to machine wash after every use.

A bit about the product: it is made of a specially knitted polyester/silk fiber that is finer than human hair, that creates a hydromechanical process that ensures you can easily take off your makeup.

When I tried the product on my skin, I was really surprised, it actually works! My makeup went off in a swipe and I didn't have to scrub at all, except the waterproof eyeliner, that needed a bit of convincing.

I did not need to use a liquid makeup remover or anything, which make it very good for the environment, because you don’t have empty bottles anymore.

Although it works as it is suppose to, and I can not deny the impact it has on the environment (less waste of cotton makeup pads or makeup remover bottles), I do not think I will reach for it on a daily basis.

However I think it will be very useful while traveling, because it takes barely no space in the luggage and only needs water to work.

Kisses, Julia


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