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Unboxing - September GoodieBox

Hello ladies,

We all know how dull and boring can be to do the same things day in, day out, numerous phone calls, emails after emails, and never ending appointments.

So that is why, from time to time is good to try new routines, "Switch It Up" a bit. This is where the GoodieBox team come in, helping us get in to a new season with a new routine.

AfterSpa Magic Makeup Remover - This super soft polyester blended cloth claims to removes even the hardest make up from your skin, leaving it soft and fresh and without leaving any residue.

Simply wet your magic cloth with warm water before each use and remove all the make up with it, after each use you can throw it into the washing machine and you will have a new magic cloth that can be reused several times. Suitable for all skin types.

Essentials by Goodiebox - A cloud of freshness and care for the skin, a refreshing breath of rose water and care that restores the moisture balance of the skin with the help of cotton seed and cotton flower extracts. Without perfume, can be used throughout the day when you need a refresher - also on top of the makeup.

Miqura Lips Mask - Luxurious golden hydrogel lip mask with collagen helps to restore elasticity, reduces dry and rough lips, intensely hydrating & moisturizing. Contains jojoba oil fr an effective softening of the lips.

Figs & Rouge Wonder Love Charm Elixir - delights & intensifies skin in a natural glow, contains multi-hued minerals, rose water & rose quartz to enhance radiance & skin perfection, hydrating hyaluronic acid & vitamins A,C & E to defend against daily moisture loss.

Æther Xtræm Eau de Parfum - unisex and highly addictive scent, a sophisticated touch of wood, flower, musk that together make up a subtle, sensual, warm and sexy scent.

All simple, unique scents to give it a touch of something new and undeniably delicious.

Kisses, Julia


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