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Linda Hallberg Enchanted Mysteries Palette - First Impressions

Hello ladies,

I have been following Linda Hallberg for a lot of years now, and when she launched her cruelty-free & vegan makeup line I could not decide what to order first.

I finally ordered the Enchanted Mysteries Palette as a birthday gift for myself. 🎀 🎁

Of course I will still need to play around with the palette, but as first impression goes I am beyond impressed with the formula. It is amazing: great payoff, highly pigmented, they glide on like a dream, very soft and buildable.

I love the cardboard packaging, it's not heavy and I can transport it without fear of breaking it, plus the art work is beautiful and just makes me so happy to look at.

The pans are a good size, they’ll last you for a long time.

I bought this palette mainly for the gorgeous duo- chrome green shade, but I fell in love with all the colors! You get four multifunctional, duo chrome and metallic shadows, with which you can create so many looks in my opinion.

And as a bonus, all the shadows can be used wet or dry on eyes, lips, face and body.

Enchanted Mysteries Palette is the perfect palette for anyone who wants to add an extra touch of luxury to their life, in the most lavish composition you could imagine.

Thank you for reading 💖

Love, Iulia


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