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Yves Rocher Elixir Jeunesse - First Impression

Hello ladies,

For about a year now, I have been hearing a lot of good stuff about these Yves Rocher products, from their Elixir Jeunesse line, and finally I gave in to the hype and purchase them. I am still testing them out, but as a first impression I have to say, I am really loving them.

Elixir Jeunesse Double Action Repair + Anti - Pollution Serum

On a daily basis we expose our self to pollution, UV rays, fatigue, stress that accelerate skin aging. This serum contains more than 94% of ingredients of natural origin, without mineral oils, silicons, dyes and parabens. This ultra-concentrated extract of aphloia is naturally assimilated by the skin and acts against the adverse effects that accelerate aging.

It has a sticky consistency, applies smoothly and uniformly, easily absorbed and leaves a hydrating feeling. It claims that after a month wrinkles are reduced and skin is detoxified.  I will come back with a later edit on this claim. 😊

Elixir Jeunesse Repair + Anti -Pollution Detoxifying Flash Mask

Detoxifies the skin and liberates it from contamination particles, so it gets more radiation and fatigue is reduced. Without mineral oil, silicone, dyes and parabens. Yves Rocher, wanted to find an effective, vegetable solution that repairs the skin and protects it from these harmful effects. In order for the skin to maintain its youthful and beautiful radiation, it is important to protect it from pollution from the surrounding environment and repair it when damage occurs.

I only tried the mask 2 times, takes 10 minutes to act and left my skin feeling nice, plump and feeling hydrated. Exactly how I like my skin to feel. 🌊

If you want to try Yves Rocher products you can order them in Denmark via web site here.

Kisses, Julia


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