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MAC Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

Hello ladies,

Quick question: Do you love pressed powders or loose ones? Leave me a comment down bellow.

Me, I loved pressed powders, before I tried the Dermacol Invisible Finishing Powder (and if you follow me, and are interested in the product used to achieve the looks I post, you might have notice that I listed this powder once or twice 😊).

The more I uses it, the more agitated I became because I had no backup. So I stated to look for alternatives to replace it, either affordable or high end. After a few weeks of searching I chose MAC Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder.

A very finely milled, silky smooth finishing powder that assures your makeup last all day.

It reduces shine, without having a flash back in photos, gives a nice matte velvet like finish.

Available in one universal color to suit all skin tones, that can be used on top of makeup or on nude, moisturized skin to control shine.

You get 9 g of product at the price of 200 kr, packed in a round plastic jar, with a glittery lid, the only down side is that holes of the sifter are a bit to large, making it a bit messy to use on the go.

Good thing is that you can not apply to much of this powder, and it does not look cakey or affects foundation.

Makes pores, lines and imperfections less visible, absorb oil really well, evening out the skin tone, it gives the makeup a nice blurred finish and a ensuring a longer lasting makeup.

I am really enjoying it, reaching for it more and more, not only for the looks I do for the blog but for my day to day makeup also. It does not affect, react or change color of any foundation that I used it with so far.

I do not know if I would recommend this powder for a day to day user, that only needs a neutral look before heading to the office, because of its price point.

But for a makeup artist or even a makeup enthusiast, that wears a full face of makeup every single day, I think it is a must to have in the kit.

Kisses, Julia


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