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Juvia's Masquerade Mini Palette - First Impression

Hello ladies,

After fighting the idea of ordering another eye shadow palette, because I have soo many of them, last week I gave in, and placed my first order on Juvia's Place. I got The Masquerade Mini Palette and The Magic Mini Palette (article coming up soon). They were 62.5 $ (around 400 danish krone), delivered to my door step in one week, via Fedex.

"The Masquerade Palette was inspired by festivities usually filled with beautiful and striking colors. Enormously captured and celebrated with joy, beauty, vibrancy and spirituality. Sixteen richly pigmented colors, created and formulated to beautifully elevate your beautiful qualities. Let's celebrate!!"

It was love at first sight. I  💗 everything about this palette, the colors, the formulation, the way they apply and blend. It is just perfection.

Out of the sixteen eye shadows, nine are  shimmery (Chi, Mali, Dalia, Zola, Makeda, Calabar, Giza, Dahia, Casablanca), two are matte with glitter (Bori and Cairo) and five are completely matte (Zobo, Burkina, Ada, Zulu, Fulani). But all of them swatch beautiful.

Top row: Zola, Dalia, Mali, Chi.

Second row: Bori, Calabar, Zobo, Makeda.

Third row: Ada, Cairo, Burkina, Giza.

Bottom row: Fulani, Casablanca, Zulu, Dahia.

The color selection makes it easy to use for day, natural looks, as well as evening, colorful looks. But I think it is missing a dark matte color (like a black or a very dark brown) to make it perfect for traveling. But that small little issue can be fixed by packing a dark shade mono eye shadow.

Now, if you would excuse me, I have some looks to try on. 😊

Have you tried any Juvia's palettes? Which one do you love best? Let me know in the comments section below.

Kisses, Julia


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