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Hair vitamins - update

Over the years my hair went through a few transformations, ranging from natural color to highlights to complete dyed, from black to bright reds from medium length to long to very short. Along the way I started losing more and more hairs. But as denial kicked in and I started to tell myself that it is normal to lose around 50-80 strands a day, and that was what was going on with me. So I swept it under the rug for years until I decided I have absolutely nothing to lose if I try the hair vitamins.

One very late night I went on Beauty Bear Vitamins and ordered myself the three month treatment.

Started the treatment at the beginning of January, with 2 delicious gummy bears a day (but I skipped a whole week due to the fact I was on holiday).

Now, a little over 7 weeks in to the treatment, I thought I would give you a quick update. (A full review when I finish the 3 months treatment).

First thing I noticed is that hair loss stopped almost completely, then baby fuzzy hairs started appearing, over all the look of the hair has improved, it is healthier, shinier and fuller.

I am still dying my hair, still using styling products because I want to test the vitamins in normal condition to my life style. Just a couple of days ago I went from a violet-red shade to a beautiful chocolate brown.

I am super super pleased about how quick the effects can be seen and how noticeable they are. I am already considering ordering another treatment.

Kisses, Julia


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