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Comme Deux Products - Review

Hello ladies,

Over these past months I have shown you skincare products from Comme Deux, that I received from GoodieBox Denmark and I thought it was about time to give you a feedback.

Comme Deux, according to their website, is "A new way of making beauty products – developed by an amazing community of cool, Danish, beauty lovers, together with experts at GOODIEBOX who themselves have tested (nearly) every product under the sun. Comme Deux is a perfect mix of the two; what real people want from beauty products, and expert knowledge."

These are the products I have received, tried and tested:

Pink Drops Serum Booster 

"#PINKDROPS is a concentrated serum booster, infused with highly active ingredients such as niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and a potent vitamin cocktail. The serum booster is specially formulated to actively support hydration and radiance of the skin, resulting in perfectly balanced skin with a dewy glow."

I love using it alone in the mornings for an extra hydration or in the evenings, mixed with other products, as an over-night treatment. Has a super light texture, almost watery, is fast absorbing and leaves your skin feeling plump. It can be used every day, both day and night. So if you are looking for a fast acting hydrating serum, I suggest giving the PinkDrops Boosting Serum a try. I think you will love it as much as I do. 

Yellow Paint Face Mask - Purify and Glow

"Comme Deux #YELLOWPAINT FACE MASK is a detoxifying face mask that deep cleanses, and adds glow to the skin. The purifying power of kaolin clay, in combination with the natural extracts of white peony and porcelain flower, leave the skin perfectly hydrated with a healthy and radiant glow"

Although I prefer sheet masks, because they are easier to apply and not as messy to take off, I have to admit that #Yellow Paint is worth the extra effort. Has a creamy texture, does not dries on the face like other clay masks I have tried, leaves the skin so nice, clean and glowy after.

Bonus, is suited for any skin type, so I definitely recommend you try it.

DiscoSkin Face Mask

"#DISCOSKIN is an iridescent face mask that can be used by everyone, even those who are completely new to using chemical exfoliants. It contains mandelic acid and glycerine gel as essential exfoliating and hydrating super heroes.

Mandelic acid is a gentle exfoliator that penetrates down into the pores to deeply cleanse and remove impurities and dead skin cells."

After a long day at work or out on the town, my skin needs a bit of extra love, and this iridescent gel like mask is exactly what the "doctor" recommended. Because is an AHA mask, the best time to wear it is in the evenings, so that your skin gets the chance to rest over night.

Has a light warming effect on the skin as it stimulates micro circulation, opens up the pores and maximizes the effect of the mandelic acid. Ten minutes is all it takes for this mask to give you a hydrated and smooth skin.

I would love to read your experiences with CommeDeux products, so please leave them in the comment section bellow. 💗

Kisses, Julia


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