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Battle of the Brushes - Too Face Better Than Sex Mascara VS Benefit Bad Gal Bang! Mascara

Hello ladies,

When it comes to mascara, I think we all want the same things, more definition, volume and lengthening proprieties from it. Am I right? 😊

Today I want to present to you two of the best mascaras I have tried lately, the Too Faced Better than Sex and Benefit Bad Gal Bang!

I have both of them in travel size, because I feel this is the best way to try out products without spending a tone of cash.

Formulation wise they are very similar, both are volumizing mascara, both claim to give you the blackest black lashes possible. So what is the difference? It is all in the brush.

Better Than Sex from Too Faced has an hour glass shaped brush, designed with extra stiff bristles, to separate, coat, curl and maximize the performance of this carbon fulled formula.

You need one coat for definition, 2 coats for luscious, curled and dramatic lashes, 3 coat for the most intense black, multidimensional lashes possible.

The Benefit Bad Gal Bang! big slimpact! brush is designed to reach every lash for big volume with 360 degrees reach. The formula builds volume the more you layer, without weighting down lashes thanks to the gravity defying formula that contains aero-particles (one of the lightest materials from space technology).

Apply one layer for definition, 2 layers to build lash volume, separate and coat every lash, 3 layers to get the biggest bang effect.

Me, personally, I love the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara. Why? It gives me a bit more volume and definition than the Big Gal Bang! from Benefit. I get a false lashes effect that I quite enjoy.

But after the third layer, both mascara clump up, and give the spider legs look, that is not all that flattering.

All things considering, I believe that both mascara are genuinely suitable for every need or want that you may have, it only depends on your personal preference.

Kisses, Julia


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