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Bare Minerals BareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation Review

Hello ladies,

"We believe makeup and skincare should not only make you look good, but also be good for your skin. Clean formulas have always been the heart and soul of every bareMinerals product, ever since we started the beauty revolution with our bestselling mineral foundation in 1995." - Bare Minerals

The BareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation is the first mineral foundation and skin care serum, all in one from Bare Minerals.

Designed to feel weightless, look flawless and help you achieve full coverage with a natural finish, this foundation combines supercharged lilac plant stem cells and Vitamin C, to help you boast a brighter, smoother skin tone.

This liquid foundation, provides customizable coverage by the drop with a natural finish, BareSkin delivers a noticeably brighter more youthful appearance.

Shake well before use! Start with one drop of foundation on the brush, work in circular motions and buff until satisfied with the coverage, or add more drops, one at a time, to increase coverage.

  • Light coverage 1-2 drops

  • Medium coverage 2-4 drops

  • Full coverage 5-6 drops

The antioxidant protection of the lilac plant stem cells, help defend against environmental stressors while the Vitamin C aids in brightening. With the added protection of the non chemical broad spectrum SPF 20, BareSkin is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and dermatological tested.

If everything described above sounds too good to be true, that is because it is, at least for me and my skin type.

This miracle foundation did absolutely nothing for me and my complexion. If felt oily and had a very watery consistency, gave me close to zero coverage and did not blend at all in to the skin.

I gave it three tries, two times using different face primers (Milk Cosmetics Blur Stick and Too Faced Hangover Primer) and one time without primer, and in all cases, it kind of sat on top of the base and became cake-y with in an hour.

It separated during the day, settled in my fine lines and at the end of six hour wear-time, it enhanced my skins texture in a most unflattering way possible. The scent of it is not at all flattering, almost smells old/expired. The price point is approximately 250 Dkk.

It is fair for me to say that this foundation is a pass.

I would recommend you stay clear of this foundation, if you do not want to spend money unnecessarily.

Love, Julia


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