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Unboxing - December GoodieBox

Hello ladies,

This is the last unboxing article of the GoodieBox, partly because of the quality of the boxes, partly due to the amount of energy involved in writing these article, but mainly because of the lack of interest on your part regarding these type of articles.

Anyways, these are the products included in this years Goodiebox.

Simply Essentials Manoi de Tahiti Hair Mask - Ideal for dry, over processed or colored locks and for hair that needs a little bit of extra care. Contains manoi de tahiti oil, shea butter and D-panthenol. Can be used 1-2 times a week.

Jorgobe Scrub Mask - a 2 in 1 refreshing scrub mask can be used as both a scrub cream and a deep clensing mask. Black jojoba peeling beads help remove impurities and leaves your skin refreshed with a cooling sensation. Contains glycolic acid, zinc, niacinamide that regulate the skin's production of sebum and prevent future outbreaks.

Benefit Bad Gal Bang! - bigger, badder volumizing mascara! Creates massive volume without weighing lashes down, contains areo particles which are one of the lightest materials in the world and originate from space technology. Innovative, intense and charcoal black and can easily be layered to create a bigger and WILD effect.

Do not wear out, waterproof, volume-giving mascara.

Nire Beauty Plush Powder Blush - Soft, fluffy, and luxurious, the 101 Plush Powder Brush creates the perfectly blended complexion by gently sweeping mineral and powder-based products all over the face. This versatile brush can also be used to add warmth and color to the face with powder-based bronzers or blushers. Uniquely crafted with rose gold glitter handles and elegantly engraved ferrules, it is both beautiful and talented. Transform it into a contour brush by pinching the bristles together and sweeping underneath the cheekbones for enhanced definition.

Manna Kadar Lippie Love Lip Scrub - Don't let dry lips ruin your perfect pout! Manna Kadar Lippie Love Lip Scrub contains a gentle sugar scrub to remove dry skin, and leave you with softer, smoother looking lips. Formulated with emollients that keep lips hydrated after application.

Apply to dry or wet lips, swipe back and forth to remove dead skin, wipe excess product off with a wet or dry washcloth to reveal softer, and smoother looking lips.

Kisses, Julia


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