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Let's talk - Why hire a professional makeup artist?

Hello ladies,

The other day I was asked, what sets a part a professional makeup from your day to day makeup?

It took me a minute to answer the question, but then I realized that I never explained to you what a professional makeup artist does.

Here I was, trying to promote myself, but not understanding that you may not know the benefits of hiring a makeup artist for a special occasion.

In the photographs below you will meet two lovely and beautiful brides, that I had the pleasure to work with on their wedding days.

They both wanted a winged eye liner and red lips, the distinction between looks is provided by the individual characteristics and features of the each bride.

So, what are you getting by hiring a professional makeup artist:

1. A tailored look - no matter what look are you going for, be it a natural look, a crazy smokey eye or  a winged eye liner with red lips, a professional makeup artist knows exactly how to emphasize your best features and make you stand out in a crowd.

2. Wear time - the last thing you want on your wedding day is to worry about vanishing foundation or running mascara. Professional products combined with the right techniques can guarantee a longer wear time and transfer proof look.

3. Photos - makeup for photography is completely different from every day makeup and your wedding day photos will be one of your lifelong treasures. Thus how you look in your wedding day photos matters more than you think.

4. Be stress free - when was the last time you took an hour to do your makeup? More than 6 month? Maybe 2 years ago? Never?  What better occasion than your wedding day to relax and get pampered by a professional.

5. A cohesive look - proper selection of color us key. From the shade of your foundation to the finish of the lipstick and eyeliner, makeup artists know how to choose the colors that match your complexion and character.

Other reasons could be: the chance to try out numerous professional products, benefiting from the education and experience of the makeup artist, learning up to date techniques that achieve a flawless look, and last but not least because you are worth it!

In the long run the benefits out weigh the temporary financial cost.

Thank you for reading! 💖

Kisses, Julia


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