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Impressions from Beauty19

Hello ladies,

At the beginning of March I grabbed two of my closest friends here in Denmark and headed out to ØKSNEHALLEN,Halmtorvet 10, 1700 Copenhagen, where Beauty19, the largest trade fair for the beauty industry, was held.

I participated in last years fair, and I told you what I thought about it here.

So, unlike last year when I thought I was not impartial because I was comparing fairs from two different countries, this year I am sizing up Beauty19 to Beauty18.

First thing that caught my eye was the lack of the welcoming banner at the entrance in to the venue, compared to last year. That suggested me the fair will be more fortuneless than the fair in 2018.

"The only beauty event where all sectors of the beauty industry gather under one roof skin care, nails, make-up, service, spa, wellness etc. "

The statement still stands, all of the branches of beauty were present at the fair, but in even less numbers then the previous year.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a few strands for some makeup brands that I know and love, like Inglot and Radiant, and a stand from an unknown brand to me, that is danish based - Glo Skin Beauty.

The really shocking thing was the fact that you could not buy the products. You could see and try out the products exhibited but if you wanted to purchase any of the it was not possible, you had to go on their web site and order them from there. For me this defies the whole point of the fair.

I can see how reading this article you might think it was a total bust, it was not. It was definitely an eye opener (this is the state of the beauty industry in Denmark) and maybe an incentive to change things a bit.

If you were at the Beauty 19, please leave me a comment with your impressions. Do you feel that the beauty industry in Denmark is well defined? Are there areas where it is lacking?

Kisses, Julia


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