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Yves Rocher Serum Vegetal Luminizing Eye Roll-on - Review

Hello ladies,

Like any self respecting woman out there, I have dark circles under my eyes. They are, part genetic, part lifestyle and all annoying. So when it comes to eye creams or serums I am up for trying anything, that will minimize my dark circles.

After my beloved Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado finished, I decided to give Yves Rocher Serum Vegetal  Luminizing Eye Roll-on a test.

What do they claim it does?

"The powerful anti-wrinkle action of the Ice Plant is combined with Oryza extract, which recreates skin’s cohesion and boosts its radiance. Specially developed for the delicate skin around the eye, the Luminizing Eye Roll-on Wrinkles & Radiance instantly smooths wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes. Under eye bags seems deflated and dark circles are visibly faded. Result: eyes look refreshed and youthful."

What is my experience with it?

Straight up, I have to tell you, I do not expect miracles and that made my peace, with the fact that no cream out there can erase my under eye circles completely.

But in the last 3 weeks that I've been using it, the under eye area got a tone lighter, the puffiness has reduced a bit and the skin feels softer.

The three metal rollers helps the serum absorb faster, by offering a cooling massage, if you pop the serum in the fridge for 10 min before using it.

The soft texture, moisture filled serum can be applied twice a day, morning and evening on a clean skin.

So if you are looking for an inexpensive, easy-to use under eye serum (you can find it here).

I recomend you give the Yves Rocher Seum Vegetal  Luminizing Eye Roll-on a try.

Kisses, Julia


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