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Urban Decay Distortion Palette Looks

Hello ladies,

As you all know I was really exited about this palette so I put it to the test every chance I got.  It was kind of difficult to take some decent pics becaus of the lack of natural light in Denmark. 😞

The palette is not the most versatile I have tried, but is very colorful, mostly very pigmented, except two shades Rogue and Trash Talk that need a bit more convincing, they blend nicely and last for at least 7-8 hours without a primer. 

You can create looks only useing this palette, but you can get more value out of it by introducing some tranzitional shades.

These are just a few of the looks me and Urban Decay Distortion came up with in the last past months😏

❖ Bleach, First Offence and Territorial

❖ Hot Box and Shifty

❖ Rouge, Trash Talk, 5.0 and Blur

❖ Black Out and 5.0

Kisses, Julia


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