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Urban Decay All Nighter Concealer

Hello ladies,

Tell you the truth, although I am in the beauty and makeup business, I have to confess that sometimes, I feel that the hype around some products might be only a really good marketing strategy. You never know if all the positive reviews out there are not paid for, or the product is that AMAZING.

But I have to admit that this concealer deserves all the praises and even more.

The Urban Decay All Nighter Waterproof Full Coverage Concealer comes in a beautiful designed metallic finish tube with a doe foot applicator. The price point is a bit high, around 200 kr, give or take, but you get 3.5 ml of product, that will last you a long long time.

All you need are 2-3 small dots to cover flawlessly the under eye area. Although it is creamy, it has a bit of a dry/ powdery consistency to it, but blends smoothly and evenly, quickly covering all of the problem areas.

Due to its powdery consistency you do not really need to set it with powder, but you might wait a minute or two before smiling, to avoid the product settling in the fine lines.

The long lasting formula claim to hold for 24 H, but I can vouch for 16 H wear time.

I have two shades, Fair Warm and Medium Neutral, they both have the same formula, so they both blend the same and do not budge. I use the Fair Warm shade as a matte highlight on the high points of the face, when I want a natural look, and Medium Neutral to cover my under eye dark circles.

This is not a sponsored post, I purchased the items myself, but I have to say that I highly recommend the Urban Decay All Nighter Waterproof Full Coverage Concealer. You will be amazed by the covering power and the lasting effect.

Kisses, Julia


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