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Unboxing - July Goodiebox

Hello ladies,

The last few months were a lot hectic for me with a lot of stuff going on. So I did not noticed this at the time, but am I the only one who receives the GoodieBox very late in the month? When I started this Unboxing series the boxes were delivered around the 20th of the month, and the article was up within 2-3 days.

Now I feel that there is no point in doing an Unboxing in the last day of the month.

What do you think, are you subscribed to GoodieBox and do you receiving it in time?

Please leave me a comment if I should I still do these Unboxing articles?

Now that my rant is over, let's get back to the issue at hand, the July GoodieBox entitled Wear Your Pride.

"With this box we celebrate everyone who dares to be different and find happiness in their own way.

We hope to inspire you to have the courage to be yourself, because when we love ourselves, the world becomes a better place for everyone.

So cheer for you and cheer for diversity 🥂🌈."

Manucurist Green Nail Lacquer in Bird of Paradise - the Green line has been designed to be as natural and respectful as possible for our planet. Formulated 9-Free, without toluene, DBP, camphor, xylen, for-maldehyde (the compound and the resin). Contains potato, wheat, manioc, corn, cotton, natural coco, hydrating and softener, bamboo extract, silicium rich, fortifying and revitalizing.

Love the summer perfect shade. 🧡🔥

Naobay Protective Conditioner - Natural, organic, toxic free, eco, fair trade and cruelty free, specially formulated for dry and damaged hair, instantly moisturizes and strengths the hair but leaving it manageable and soft. Argan oil and rich essential amino acids protects the hair from environmental damage.

My soft fragile hair is very particular but I will give this conditioner a shot.

Nire 210 Domed Blending Brush - is perfect for applying and blending your eyeshadow, pigment or concealing the under eye area. Vegan friendly and cruelty free.

I am up for multi-purpose items, the bristles are very soft, but I am just not feeling the glitter handle.

Laritzy Cosmetics Athena Eyeshadow Collection - this palette consists of 9 round pans containing 3 grams of product each, the shade range is beautiful, warm and can be used as blush also for an easy on the go look with minimal items.

Did not try them on yet, so I do not know the quality or the holding power.

INC.redible Chase Your Rainbow Sheet Mask - Enriched with fruit actives and hyaluronate, cruelty free, nourishing and hydrating, actives to liven up dull skin by energizing, brightening and clarifying for a youthful glow.

I love a good sheet mask. How about you, do you like peel-off masks or sheet ones?

Kisses, Julia


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