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Unboxing - February Goodie Box

Hello ladies,

February is the last month of winter so that means no more sitting on the couch with cookies and ice cream, and a good romantic comedy. It's time to focus on strength in all its forms and this "Powered by Goodiebox" gives us the means to do it.

The box contain products that give super powers to hands, hair and nails, as well as pampering that helps fight discoloration and tame even the wildest highlighter.

"We also hope that the box can inspire you to find. even more of your inner power and explore what strengthens and drives you in everyday life - from the inside out.

For strength comes from within, as you know, but a little pampering on the outside never hurt anyone"  - Goodiebox Team

Luxie Medium Fan Brush - premium soft, synthetic bristles encased in a rose gold ferrule atop a chic pink handle, build with hypoallergenic, high-quality, vegan and cruelty-free materials.

Bellápierre Cosmetics Banana Setting Powder - A color-correcting setting powder that has a subtle yellow hue to counteract any redness or discoloration. Ideal for setting under eye makeup, spot correcting, or even used as a base eye shadow. Tip: also great for "baking" your makeup!

Hair Lust Hair Gummies - delicious, fun and wine tasty gum vitamins for the hair, including Biotin and Zinc, which help maintain normal hair without compromising on taste and well-being. The high content of Biotin, Folic acid, B5, B6 & B12 are the perfect combination to maintain and strengthen the hair from the inside out.

Raunsborg Hand Cream - a nourishing and moisturizing hand cream that softens dry hands and leaves them silky smooth, quickly penetrates without greasing. The combination of lime and olive oil adds moisture and protection while cucumber extracts retain moisture in the skin.

Mesauda Milano Rock Nail Hardening Base Coat - Rock Nail carries out a quadruple hardener action that works as a base coat, top coat, hardener and, used alone, as a shiny nail polish. Easy to apply and dries quickly for an extremely hard and shiny protective shield. It also helps to prevent stains and yellowing.

Kisses, Julia


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