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NYX Nordic FACE Awards 2018

"FACE Awards is a contest presented annually, highlighting the best and brightest in the digital makeup community. The word FACE stands here for Freedom & Artistry for Creative Expression.

This year we are announcing Nordic FACE Awards for the third time (what a charm!). Nordic FACE Awards 2016 and 2017 were a success beyond belief, gaining hundreds of entries, tens of thousands of votes, and 3.9 million video views.

The winner of Nordic FACE Awards 2018 will be found at our live finale in Stockholm, Sweden on June 5. A panel of judges, composed of industry experts, will review the TOP 5 entries on stage and reveal the next Nordic Artist of the Year! Excitement. Is. Real."

So you can imagine the excitement when I heard about this on Instagram. Of course I nervous about doing my first video, and it didn't turn out as I would've liked but I am still very proud about the outcome.

Before I started filming it of course I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration and had a plan in mind, but as soon as I sat in front of the camera, the plan vanished. So I decided to just go with it, play with colors and finishes and see what comes out of it. 

This is my entry to the competition, a messy matte-duochome purple-ish green look. 😏

Best of luck to all of the competitors. 🍀 I am sure is going to be an interesting and inspiring contest to follow.  😘

Kisses, Julia


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