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Moody Fashion Photoshoot

Hello ladies,

Today I want to show you the last photo shoot of 2018, that took place just before Christmas. It was a really cool photo shoot. And when I say cool, I mean freezing cool, as in  -3 degrees (real feel -5 degrees), with some serious wind blowing, on the rooftop of a very beautiful Copenhagen hotel (Manon les Suits). After about 2 minutes you could not feel your fingers while wearing gloves.

Our beautiful model, Ivana Kriskova, faced the cold weather in the name of art, and for that I want to thank her kindly, because the photographs turned out spectacular.

Of course, some of the credit goes to the talented photographer Karel Vokral, for capturing the beauty and charm of the city.

As for the makeup, I keep it simple, enhancing the natural features of Ivana, but playing with some pop of color.

Despite the cold weather, low light and the short time available for this photo shoot, the people involved in this small project were amazing, the atmosphere cozy and the result spectacular, so I just want to say: "Thank you for your time and creativity. And hope you do this soon 💗".

Model: Ivana Kriskova

Photograph: Karel Vokral

Location: Manon Les Suites

Makeup: Iulia Bajenaru from Hello Gorgeous Makeup Studio

 Kisses, Julia


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