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Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Chilled With Cannabis Sativa First Impressions

Hello ladies,

Formerly known as Makeup Revolution, Revolution adopted its shorter, snappier name to better capture its bold, inventive and, well, frankly revolutionary of making cosmetics.

The brand call for everyone to celebrate diversity, embrace imperfection, respect self-expression and support beauty in its many shapes and forms. Makeup matters, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or sexuality.

They do that through quality makeup at accessible prices to everyone, certified cruelty free, never tested on animals and 76% vegan, and growing.

I tried some of their products in the past, and was always swatching the eye shadow palettes in the store, but I was never tempted to buy one, until I came across the Forever Flawless Chilled With Cannabis Sativa Palette, and fell in love with all of the beautiful shades.

Filled with 18 earthy toned matte, shimmer and pressed glitter powder shadows, infused with nourishing cannabis sativa seed oil, the shadows have strong buildable pigments.

While a few shades are a bit dusty in the pan (mainly the mattes) and there is very minimal fall out when applied, the soft creamy texture makes them easy to blend effortlessly and seamlessly into each other.


Top row: Hybrid, Goddess, Dope, Plant, Acapulco, Calm

Middle row: Huff, Leaf, Bud, Candy Land, Sativa, Cool

Bottom Row: Natural, Haze, Mist, Burn, Relax, Exhale

Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Chilled With Cannabis Sativa is an eyeshadow palette with only good vibes, ideal for creating both romantic, or bold and a sophisticated looks.

Love, Julia


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