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L'Oreal Les Chocolats vs Les Macarons

Hello ladies,

One of the most annoying things, for any makeup enthusiastic, is when your lipstick vanishes or leaves marks on the rim of the wine glass. To fix this problem, the long lasting liquid lipstick was invented.

Out of all the long lasting lipsticks on the market, at the moment I am really loving the L'Oreal ones, especially the Les Chocolats collection. So when I heard in June, that they will launch a new collection, with the shade range perfect for summer, I was really excited.

Of course, it took a few months to hit Denmark, at least online (you can find all of them on at the price 79.90 kr), so a couple of weeks ago I placed an order and got three of the L'Oreal Infallible Les Macarons Matte Liquid Lipstick.

The Les Chocolats Collection is enhanced with an indulgent chocolate aroma, are full coverage, light weight, do not crack, crumble or flake, and are comfortable to wear for up to 12 H.

They come in a square matte finish plastic tube, with rose gold writing and a teardrop applicator. You can find them in 12 chocolate inspired shades.

The L'Oreal Les Macarons Collection is infused with notes of almond, vanilla and cream. They claim to be long lasting, full coverage, highly pigmented, never sticky.

They come in the same package as the Les Chocolats liquid lipstick, with rose gold writing and a teardrop applicator. You can find them in 7 summer worthy shades.

By far I love the Les Chocolats liquid matte lipsticks, because they really do not crack, crumble or flake, they are full coverage - one layer and you are good to go, long lasting - up to 10 H on my lips, non-sticky after drying and super comfortable to wear.

In comparison the Les Macarons ones, although the shade range is more fun, I feel that the formula is not the same, they feel sticky even after drying, they are not as long lasting as the Les Chocolats, after around 6-7 hours, they start to flake in to chunks. The coverage is good, you may need to reapply a second layer to be super happy with the result.

Both collections are smudge proof so you will need an oil based makeup remover to take them off. All in all, both collections are great, with good wear time, amazing scents and colors.

Of course, not all of the shades might suit you or your needs, but you do not know until you try them on. But considering the price point, you do not have much to loose.

Kisses, Julia


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