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Juvia's Place Nomad Palette First Impressions

Hello ladies,

Welcoming the fall season with the new palette from Juvia's Place. Nine pans filled with press pigments in a beautiful autumnal range. Versatile for both day looks as well as night time looks. I already played a bit with it, so I can give you a good first impression.

I love the shade range, it is not your usual fall selection with only oranges and reds, I appreciate the inclusion of see olive greens in palettes. They do not get the credit that they deserve, in my opinion.

You get the same beautiful embroidered sturdy cardboard palette, with 9 highly pigmented eyeshadows, each containing 2.1 g of product, and it costs around 20 $ on their website.

The swatches below are on bare skin, no primer or foundation. They are as pigmented as they claim, but what they do not tell you is that they blend like a dream ( makeup look coming soon), and they hold up admirably.

The only thing that displeases me is the fact that the shades have no names or numbers, thus making it hard to refer to the colors. That just makes sense to me, to be able to identify easily the shade used.

As you may know, I already have two other Juvia's Place Palette, the Mini Masquerade and the Magic Mini Palette, both of them have the shades named.

Kisses, Julia


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