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First impression - Urban Decay Distortion Palette

Hello ladies!

First of all I have to admit that I fell in love with this palette the first time I saw it on Instagram. From the holographic packaging, to the color selection to the fact you can customize your looks by mixing any of the shade-morphing shadows with other shades to create unique, duo-tone looks. So I knew I have to have it.  😍😍😍

I had to order it from Selfridges&Co because in Copenhagen you could not find it anywhere.

It cost 54.50 £ with delivery (39.50 £ only the palette), it arrived earlier than expected and in perfect condition. Yeey! 😊

All of the 15 shades look gorgeous, are highly pigmented, creamy and apply smoothly.

They are mostly metallic finish (Bleach, Shifty, Space, Mind Game, Blur, First Offence, Territorial, Hot Box, 5.0, Rogue, Shag, Trash Talk, Velvet), with one matte (Blackout) and one satin finish (Old Smoke).

Really nice color pay-off and just a bit of a fallout. I can't wait to start playing with it! 💗.

Kisses, Julia


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